Kasja Tulić was born in Šibenik, Croatia. After she had graduated from highschool and School of Music in Split, she completed her studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Zagreb and took her BA in Anglistics and Comparative Literature. She draws her entire life, but her full commitment to painting started in 1997. In addition to 17 solo exhibitions organized at home, 4 took place abroad (USA, Slovenia, Italy). Being the member of „Emanuel Vidović“ Association of Artists, she has participated in a number of collective exhibitions, humanitarian auctions and painting collonies. She lives and works in Split, Croatia.


  • Gallery „Morić“, Split, 1997
  • Anthony’s Convention Centre, Los Angeles, 1998
  • Library „Prečko“, Zagreb, 1999
  • Ruđer Bošković Institute’s Gallery, Zagreb, 2001
  • John’s Chapel, Sutivan, 2001
  • Gallery „Po Bota“, Split, 2002
  • Alliance Francaise, Split, 2003
  • Town Museum’s Gallery, Split, 2004
  • Gallery „Vipavski križ“, Slovenia, 2005
  • Mediateka, Institute Francaise de Zagreb, 2006
  • Alliance Francaise, Split, 2006
  • Home of Culture, Gorizia, Italy, 2007
  • Alliance Francaise, Split, 2007
  • Gallery of the Conservationists’ Institute, Split, 2009
  • Gallery „Zlati Ajngel“, Varaždin, 2010
  • Seyhoun Gallery (together with Fahimeh Sorkhabi), Los Angeles, 2011
  • Alliance Francaise, Split, 2011
  • Town Museum’s Gallery, Split, 2013
  • Library „J. Šižgorić“, Šibenik, 2013
  • Sutivan, Art&Hobby Gallery SKC, 2015
  • Bol, Gallery of the Cultural Center, 2015

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